Education for Development and Awareness Raising

Social Promotion Foundation promotes contents, behaviors and values aimed to the creation of true solidarity, engaged in fighting poverty and social exclusion.

Education for Development and awareness raising aim to create changes in the North to support long-lasting improvements in the South.

The unpremeditated allocation of all efforts in the South by means of Development Cooperation is absolutely useless if there is no intention, what so ever, to analyze the role that the North is playing and its effect on these issues.

The transformation in the North should end to create a charitable and responsible citizenship as key for peaceful living and diversity, grounded in the values we all defend. It should aim towards the consolidation of a cosmopolitan identity, and its coexistence with other local and national identities, resulting in the establishment a strong global community who will act by respecting human rights and safeguarding democracy.

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In 2007, Social Promotion Foundation created the Center of Studies of the Middle East (CEMO), a multidisciplinary think tank whose main purpose is to reflect on and contribute to the exchange of ideas amongst experts on the issues and realities of Middle East countries (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories and Syria).

It has as main topics: fundamental rights, democracy and peace, and cooperation work as development factor and peace-building.

In order to fulfill its tasks, CEMO counts with a consulting committee of internationally recognized experts and a Board of directors. Likewise, the CEMO establishes alliances and associations with multiple institutions and a network of public figures, intellectuals and experts at a national and international level.

The product of the CEMO is contained within the publications and interviews of varied nature, available at

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