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Humanitarian Aid
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Arte y Ciencia Association
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300 people
Social Promotion Foundation
Attention to Venezuelan families affected by shortages and the high cost of food and medicines

Venezuela is currently a country in crisis, the immediate consequence of which has been the sudden increase in poverty, due to the shortage of foodstuffs and medicines, and the impossibility of acquiring them because of their high cost due to hyperinflation.

Other issues such as crime, migration, corruption, drug trafficking and human rights violations, compound this problem.

In this context, the Arte y Ciencia Association, ASAC, promotes in Caracas and in other states in the interior of the country, different initiatives for the purchase of basic necessities, food and medicines, through alliances with foundations established outside Venezuela.

This project aims to help reduce the humanitarian crisis caused by the current economic situation in Venezuela, which affects not only the less favoured sectors, but also the entire community, especially the middle class, who are deprived of the most basic necessities: food and health.

Through the purchase of food, medicines and medical supplies, the aim is to support 300 people who work and train in ASAC’s cultural centres, located in the metropolitan area of Caracas. The intention is also to be able to help other centres located throughout the country.

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