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Humanitarian Aid
Health, Protection
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Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation
Health Care Services and Inclusive Activities for Syrian Refugees with Disabilities in Za’atari Camp, Jordan

Since the conflict began in Syria in 2011, much of its population has fled to Jordan. In September 2015, the number of Syrian refugees in the Jordanian country amounted to 629,266. 79.696 are currently located in Za’atari refugee camp in Northern Jordan.

Often, people with disabilities (PWDs) are marginalized in society, particularly within a humanitarian crisis. They are often excluded from the community; educational and recreational activities or the services and supplies they need are not physically in a suitable place so they can access them and receive appropriate care.

Secondary medical care by qualified physiotherapists, along with improving mobility through individualized assessment, distribution, repair and maintenance of mobility devices provide equal opportunities for PWDs in t Za’atari camp with respect to others. Similarly, the promotion of the role of people with disabilities in society (through awareness and activity of inclusive theater) is a key to ensure the rights and protect the dignity of PWD in society.

Therefore, to achieve the overall objective of the project, to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in the community, with special attention to people with physical and mental disabilities, we foresee:

  • To increase mobility and improve the functional abilities of boys and girls, women and men, through proper rehabilitation, physiotherapy and / or specialized evaluation, and distribution or maintenance of mobility devices.
  • Increase awareness about the rights of PWD, the risks  of specific protection of women, children and men with disabilities, the services available within the camp for women, children and Syrian men with disabilities and their families or guardians plus Syrian volunteers and other community members and NGOs working in the camp of Za’atari.

The project will also promote, exemplify and manifest the “inclusion” of PWD in recreational and community activities.

The set of direct beneficiaries through this project will be approximately 506 people, being mostly people with disabilities, especially women and children. Nearly 2,530 people will benefit indirectly through this project.

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