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Humanitarian Aid
Disability, Health
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Castilla and León Regional Government
Humanitarian protection program to improve the living conditions of Syrian refugees in Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan

The purpose of this intervention was to improve living conditions and inclusion of people with disabilities or functional limitations refugees in the camp Za’atari, Jordan, through a comprehensive protection program aimed specifically at children under 18 , Young people between 15 and 24, women with disabilities and elderly people with functional limitations.

FPSC has developed a set of interventions to address protection from four complementary perspectives:

  • MOBILITY: From its clinic in Za’atari, FPSC assessed the needs of 40 people and distributed 63 technical aids for mobility (wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, etc.) depending on the need detected.
  • REHABILITATION: From its clinic in Za’atari, FPSC carried out 460 sessions of rehabilitation and physiotherapy for 65 refugees with disabilities and / or special needs.
  • PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT: From its clinic in Za’atari, FPSC offered 104 individualized psychosocial support sessions, specifically counseling and sensitization, to 104 parents, mothers and / or caregivers of people with disabilities.
  • INCLUSION: The FPSC organized four inclusive-recreational and volunteer activities for 23 refugees with and without disabilities (15 minors and 8 youth), focused on the theatre that, in addition to raising awareness about disability, integrated a cross-cutting component of peace building and conflict resolution; and four sensitization and information sessions for 288 refugees, reporting on the services available in the field and their relevance.

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