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Cooperation for Development
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Socio local:
Palestinian Water Authority (PWA)
Palestinian Territories
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Fecha de Finalización:
990 rural families; 250 technical workers
Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID)
Improvement of the access to water resources of Palestinian farmers through the improvement of the human resources of the water plants in the West Bank

The present project, launched in March 2014, aims to encourage the use of unconventional water sources to improve sustainable rural development in Palestinian Territories and to improve safe access to treated water for small and medium-sized Palestinian farmers by regulating and improving The human resources of the water treatment plants in Al Bireh, Nablus, Jenin and Jericho, meeting the national and regional standards imposed by the PWA.

To this end, the following actions have been undertaken:

  • Carry out a study to measure the performance of each plant, maintenance costs, the number of rural farms connected to the plant system and the annual water volume received by the plants.
  • Establishment of the first regulatory regulation of professionals employed in the water sector.
  • Creation of an official training and accreditation program for professionals in the water sector, which will benefit technicians employed in water treatment plants and wastewater plants, and professionals in the water distribution sector.

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