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Cooperation for Development
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295 health workers
Improvement of the quality of health services in Akaki Kality (Addis Abeba) through the training of health workers

The main goal of this project is to improve the quality of health care in Ethiopia, mitigating the knowledge gaps of the health staff due to the lack of formative renewal and shortage of improvements in the management of the health system. The Ministry of Health has developed some guidelines in this sector, but they are not being implemented due to lack of means.

The St. Gabriel Health Care Centre wants to participate in the improvement of the quality of health services in Addis Abeba through the training of health professionals and the support staff taking part in the patient care, in the 11 health care centres working in Akaki Kality.

In this way, the chosen staff from these centres will be trained, being elaborated as part of the training, an action plan to implement new quality systems in each one of them.  This will be supervised and evaluated by both qualified staff from the San Gabriel Centre and the Health Office of Akaki Kality.

Ultimately, the project will consist of 5 different training courses for the staff working in the 11 health care centres in the area, but also of the training and development of quality systems for the management of the centres, what will be evaluated following the methods and regulation developed by the Ethiopian Ministry of Health.

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