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Cooperation for Development
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Asociación para la Promoción de la Mujer Artesana y Obrera (PROMU)
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The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID)
Program for Balanced Human and Social Development of the Suburbs of Asunción, Paraguay (EFAES Vocational School)

The EFAES vocational training school conducted a broad vocational training programme to improve work opportunities and the access to a stable employment.

The beneficiaries of this project are mostly women over 17 years old with primary education, limited resources and they are out of the formal labour market.

The current project which was finalised in July of 2006 has led to extend the school’s current capacity so the number of beneficiaries increased to 350 women every year. Resides, equipments, furniture and teaching material were renovated. The school’s training offer has increased as well as the quality of the Programmes taught at the school.

In particular the Confectionery workshops and Kitchen, Lecture room, Library, Offices, Warehouse and a Residence for the students who come from the middle of the country have been built and equipped.

Within the academic field we need to highlight that the Learning Material has been renovated and the students are attending practical training and internships in companies. It has become labour market oriented-training. An Employment Bureau has been created and it has eased employment search.

One of the project’s most important achievements has been that many women have created their own companies. Other women have created solidarity production groups which are an important contribution to the social and economic development of their communities.

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