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Famine, climate change and the promotion of women’s rights are major challenges in Ethiopia.

From the Foundation, with your help, we want to give them an answer.

Social Promotion Foundation’s rural Development Projects in Ethiopia

The Foundation works in Ethiopia since 2006. Its objectives include rural development, trying to reduce situations of recurrent famines, the effects of climate change, natural disasters, and providing its population with access to resources to address them.

Women are also a priority, and especially their rights education that allows them to prevent situations of discrimination and violence, such as genital mutilation or child marriage.

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Seeds: to fight malnutrition


Water installations: to cope with drought


Training of a woman in rights: to prevent female genital mutilation


Better nutrition as a measure to curb hunger and poverty.

A high percentage of the Ethiopian population needs food aid.

Malnutrition among children under 5 is very high in Ethiopia.

Crop diversification eliminates chronic food insecurity.

Climate change

A better supply of drinking water and for irrigation to face the effects of climate change in rural areas.

Ethiopia is severely affected by climate variability, droughts, floods, and deforestation.

Climate change and environmental degradation are the biggest challenges of Ethiopian agriculture.

The improvement in water facilities for irrigation and human consumption contributes to the efficient use of water and to health.

Woman's right

Better training of women in rights prevents situations of violence and discrimination.

Female genital mutilation affects more than 23 million women in Ethiopia.

Child marriage deprives Ethiopian girls of the opportunity to continue their education.

Ethiopian women’s rights training favor their access to decision making, resources, and equal opportunities.