Construction of 4 fountains

The intervention is concentrated in the communities of the East Wellega, belonging to the Oromiya region, specifically in Ambalta Fayera, Badharsa Jarso, Haro Fayisa, Tokuma Tsige, which present serious problems of agricultural productivity due to weather conditions, diseases affecting the livestock and inefficient exploitation techniques. These conditions generate a constant risk of serious food insecurity.

Furthermore, in Oromiya, the main sources of water are unprotected, so wild animals, livestock and people share the same water points. With the construction of the 4 fountains, with their drinking troughs for livestock, they will improve the quality of the water and prevent its transport in drums and pollution.

The springs are collection systems of nascent water in rock, which is channeled to a closed rectangular structure. This structure allows the storage of water and prevents its contamination by its exposure to the outside. It also allows its treatment, if necessary. From this rectangular tank, the water is distributed to various exits, intended for human consumption or drinking troughs.