Assessment of Vulnerability, Debt and Wellbeing amongst Syrian refugees who have had their homes dismantled in Arsal (Lebanon)

As of mid-August 2019, according to UNHCR data, the Lebanese central government has dismantled 2,396 Syrian refugee homes in the municipality of Arsal, in Lebanon, which could have a profound impact on the vulnerabilities and mental health of the affected population, and significantly increase protection concerns. Another possible consequence could be the increase in debt, by adding to the purchase of essential goods a possible replacement of lost/destroyed items

The Social Promotion Foundation (FPS) will work to assess the impact of dismantling with these research objectives:

  • Facilitate the design of immediate and short-term operational and protection responses in Arsal (Lebanon) that take into account the humanitarian consequences of dismantling, as well as next winter.
  • Allow for longer-term operational and protection planning (ie 2020 planning, as well as the LCRP, the “2017-2020 Lebanon Crisis Response Plan”) that takes into account the long-term consequences of dismantling, including vulnerability patterns.
  • Provide evidence for the greater defense of local and national authorities, as well as donors and the international community.