8 September, 2023
Cooperator Persons Day 2023: recognition of the work of cooperation professionals

Today, September 8, we celebrate Cooperating People’s Day. On this special date, we pay tribute to the professionals who work tirelessly for sustainable development and the eradication of poverty around the world. 

This day coincides with the anniversary of the historic signing of the United Nations Millennium Declaration in 2000, a reminder of our unwavering commitment to a more just and equitable future. In this context, we express sincere recognition to these true heroes of solidarity, whose work in the field of development cooperation abroad is fundamental to building a better world. 

For the Social Promotion Foundation, our collaborators in the field represent the essence of our mission. Your commitment and dedication pave the way for a more promising future for all. Mayte Illán and Sergio Marín, Gerard Poch, Jorge Jiménez, Giacomo Crescenzi and Delphine Compain are essential to guarantee coherence and effectiveness in the implementation of our projects that benefit the most vulnerable communities in Palestine, Ethiopia, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon, respectively.  

Thus, with your help, in Palestine, we work to strengthen women’s cooperatives in the Jenin governorate, improving their capacities and the professional skills of young women. We also develop green and energy-efficient agriculture models to drive economic and rural growth in the West Bank. Additionally, we promote technical and vocational education focused on urban agriculture to reduce vulnerability and improve the employability of youth in East Jerusalem. 

Furthermore, in Ethiopia, we direct our efforts to improve the resilience of Somali agropastoral communities to climate-related disasters and other economic, social and environmental problems, ensuring sources of income, food security and gender equality, strengthening their livelihoods. 

In Jordan, we are trying to ensure that women make a real contribution to resilience, economic recovery and the fight against poverty in response to COVID-19 in Irbid and Mafraq, strengthening their skills and capacities for employment. 

Likewise, in Egypt, we support women to become economically independent, improving their skills and job opportunities in tourism and tailoring, including self-employment and entrepreneurship, and promoting their participation in decision-making in Menya, Assiut, Sohag , Qena and Luxor. We also promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the country, especially in the tourism sector, by training women, youth and students in hospitality, promoting innovative tourism ventures in rural areas of Aswan and Luxor, and promoting rural tourism sustainable in Upper Egypt in collaboration with leading institutions and companies in the sector. 

Finally, in Lebanon, our work focuses on enhancing skills and entrepreneurship, promoting gender equality and fostering sustainable entrepreneurship with a focus on the circular economy in the Southern region of Lebanon, to strengthen the economy of the local population and reinforce social cohesion. We also promote peace through leadership and teamwork training, focused on women as mentors, in Keserouan.

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