On May 6th, a virtual forum “How are we preparing against COVID-19?” was organized by the Social Promotion Foundation and REDI for the members of this network using the Zoom App.

The objective of the meeting was the exchange of experiences and knowledge among the partners in order to envision actions that would help them face the economic, environmental and social impacts of the pandemic and project themselves into the future.

The meeting was led by Mónica Ríos, REDI’s Secretary General, with the participation of María Beamonte as the Director of the Social Promotion Foundation, who opened the session with her intervention as host of the forum.

Thirteen organizations also participated: from Guatemala (FUDI and ACOE), Nicaragua (ANF and ANDECU), Costa Rica (Home and Culture), Colombia (F. Los Valles), Peru (Condoray), Bolivia (AYNI and CEFIM), New York (American Initiatives), Paraguay (ADEXTRA and PROMU), the Dominican Republic (INDESCO) and Venezuela (Health and Family). Lucía García, REDI ‘s Executive Secretary, assisted in the technical aspects of the forum.

The meeting was structured in two blocks: firstly, the REDI partners presented the actions that are currently being carried out to face emergencies and mitigate the impacts generated by COVID-19; secondly, they shared ideas to prepare for the future and take advantage of the opportunities that will necessarily arise in societies. Finally, there was space for open dialogue and exchange of ideas, comments and suggestions.
The importance of establishing alliances, digital training, not neglecting the mission of each organization and responsibility were highlighted as the fundamental ideas.

REDI is a private and independent Association that brings together non-profit Organizations from Spain and Latin American countries that work for human and social development in their respective countries.

REDI promotes new forms of joint participation between civil society organizations, the government and the business sector, promoting dialogue, cooperation and solidarity, through concrete actions that promote human development from a shared perspective and responsibility.

Currently, the REDI Network is composed of 19 private organizations from the following countries: Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Spain, the United States, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.