For three years this institute of the Corredor del Henares has been involved in the organization of a solidarity market in favor of people in vulnerable situations, rights holders of Social Promotion projects.

It is always motivating and inspiring for those of us working at the foundation to see how students, fathers and mothers, the principal of the center and the teaching team are involved in carrying out their solidarity project, where the high participation of the entire educational community is its greatest value.

We publish the testimony received from Cristina one of the teachers who coordinated this edition of the market:

On 27th of March once again we celebrate the ‘Las VEREDILLAS’ institute Day in Torrejón de Ardoz. Aside of enjoying a delightful day, full of artistic, cultural and sports activities, we also got the opportunity to organize a solidarity market for the third time.

From here, we would like to thank the Social Promotion Foundation for involving us in such a great humanitarian initiative, making us aware about the severe situation of thousands of refugees living in refugee camps, both in Lebanon and Jordan. Many of them have suffered extreme circumstances during the 8 years of war in Syria. The war has left adults, young people and especially children with serious traumas which made them notably vulnerable and in need of psychological and psychiatric aid.

The entire educational community – teachers, parents and students – has collaborated somehow in dedicating time, effort and eagerness to this project. This high participation made it possible to raise a small amount of money aiming to help refugees and to give visibility to human suffering that cannot leave us indifferent.

Solidarity is one of the educational principles that we try to instil the most in our students at our institute, but theoretical classes, that do not include real situations or action, are easily forgotten and are usually not very effective. To collaborate with projects of this kind raises awareness among adolescents on the injustice in the world, and move them to move out of the conformism and passivity which is extremely generalized nowadays.

‘Hopefully many other students will be encouraged to participate in a “small-big project” of solidarity. There is a lot to do and we cannot shrug our shoulders and do nothing!’ (Israel and Anastasia, high school students)

Israel y Anastasia , remind us that we all can help and make the world a better place to live”.