13 May, 2024
We promote access to equitable education for boys and girls in rural areas in Nicaragua

At the Social Promotion Foundation, we are convinced that education is not only a powerful instrument to guarantee equal opportunities, but is also an important lever to promote peace, respect and progress.

Thus, given the context of crisis that Nicaragua is currently going through, from our Foundation, in collaboration with our local partner ANDECU and with the support of the Generalitat Valenciana, we are developing a Project that, precisely, promotes the culture of peace through access to an equitable education.

This initiative is carried out in 5 schools in 5 rural communities of Carazo (Diriamba), where children from these areas, far from urban centers, are more vulnerable due to geographical dispersion.

Infrastructure improvement

Among the many actions that are being carried out, the culmination of the improvement works in the educational facilities stands out. Thus, it has been possible to transform these spaces to offer and guarantee a safer environment so that students can learn.

Specifically, the electrical system and lighting in the classrooms have been repaired, as well as doors, locks and windows that were in poor condition. On the other hand, thermal insulation has been installed, the classrooms and common spaces have been painted and the tiling and the condition of the stands and floors have been improved. It is also worth noting that new drinking fountains have been installed to guarantee correct hydration and new latrines have been built and existing ones renovated.

Distribution of school supplies

Another of the actions carried out has been the distribution of school supplies to 1,211 male and female students. Among the items delivered are colored pencils, notebooks, markers and other essential materials that will allow them to fully enjoy their learning process in the classrooms.

We have also provided materials to teachers to facilitate their educational work, recognizing their fundamental role in achieving the objectives of this project.


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