The Social Promotion Foundation joins the worldwide celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The Observatory “Women and Equality” (OMEI) points out the difficulty of access to education by women as one of the main causes of inequality.

This inequality is a trigger for situations of violence against women.

Poverty and inequality have a woman’s face, and the violence and marginalization of women becomes more palpable among those who live in a situation of greater vulnerability.

Therefore, one of the objectives of OMEI is to promote greater knowledge about the reality of the situation of women in the world, and therefore of all the variables that are at the origin of this lack of equality: economic, social, cultural and relatives.

In countries where the Foundation has been working since its inception, violence against women takes different forms.

In Ethiopia, the marriage of women at an early age can have detrimental consequences, including health problems, violence in marriage and lack of schooling. Once married, the girls do not return to school. In addition, more than 23 million have undergone female genital mutilation.

In Palestine, the country in which the Foundation has been working since 1995, women face great challenges. In the Palestinian legal system, an important point is a mitigating case in which a feminicide is committed. According to its Criminal Code, it is contemplated that the perpetrator of the criminal act may benefit from a reduction in penalty “in case he committed the crime in an attack of anger in response to an unjust and dangerous act of the victim.”