“I would like that with this project we’d be able to motivate the society to be concerned about the problems in the world and that the adults would realize that we are aware of what is happening in the world, we have great ideals and we are eager to help”, confesses one of the young women who participated in the II edition of Youth Mun Madrid and that this year.

She will definitely continue in the project.

Like her, more than 130 young people have benefited from this leadership and awareness initiative organized by the Social Promotion Foundation aimed at school-age young women.

Speakers that change the world

One of the novelties of this year are the Speakers, encounters with key people who will give them an experience that they will never forget in their life and will help them to orientate themselves professionally.

Among them, in the following months the project will count on Jaume Aurell, Director of the Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) of the University of Navarra, who will discuss a new profession known as ‘thinkers’.

The young Spanish engineer Guillermo Martínez will also participate in one of these meetings.

He decided, few years ago, to help those in need by applying 3D technology to the manufacturing of customized prostheses for children in Africa.

Along with this, the young participants will be able to enjoy Global Village, an international event in which each participant will prepare some typical food or drink of a country to be shared with the rest of their companions, and will organize a sporting event for everyone to raise awareness about the current situation in Venezuela.

Child soldiers and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela

The program also includes MUN sessions and simulations held entirely in English by young experts at the United Nations in which topics such as the issue of coltan extraction for use in mobile phones, the role of education and demobilization of child soldiers and the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela will be discussed.

Youth Mun Madrid will conclude with the celebration of the final Conference on the 1st, 2nd and 3th of April in the Spanish Senate where young people and other interested students will be able to represent a country and propose solutions to the world’s problems.