Lineas de Actividad:
Cooperation for Development
Estado del Proyecto:
Socio local:
Al Hussein Society (AHS), Arcenciel, Evangelical Center of Social Services (CEOSS), Yadan bi Yad (YbY)
Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria
Fecha de Inicio:
Fecha de Finalización:
Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation
2010-2015 Agreement: Improvement of the social integration of disabled people in the Middle East through accessibility

Within the framework of the initiatives carried out in the previous Agreement aimed at “Improvement of care for the disabled in the Middle East”, which is already finished, and following the North-South-South cooperation strategy, the FPSC and the Lebanese organization Arcenciel aimed to continue and consolidate the work carried out in the region over the last 15 years, giving priority to the transfer of experience and good practices to other organizations and other countries. This transfer was carried out through the institutional strengthening and capacity building of local civil society institutions, in order to enable these institutions to have a greater influence on public strategies, social policies, the protection of disabled people’s rights and their social integration.

Actions were also taken to improve the social integration of disabled people, with special attention paid to all matters related to accessibility.

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