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Cooperation for Development
Food safety
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The Missionary Community of Saint Paul the Apostle
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Fecha de Finalización:
315 students of the Centre; 60 women beneficiaries of the training; 250 people|members of families of students who have access to water from wells
City of Alcobendas
Expansion of nutrition and education services in the maternal center in Muketuri, North Shoa, Ethiopia

This project of the FPSC in Ethiopia focused on food security through rural development, particularly in agriculture, through the implementation of adequate water infrastructure.

Water scarcity affects cyclical droughts leading to power failure situations. As a result, the people, and especially children, have severe developmental disabilities and health problems, affecting the deprivation of other rights, such as education.

Improved power is achieved on the one hand by creating access to water systems, to produce the food throughout the year. This is a hilly and green, with abundant rains that provide very good opportunities for agriculture and livestock. The ability to access water resources all year long developed a more diversified vegetable planting, essential for improving the diet.

Furthermore, balanced meals werer served at the center for students, promoting the ability to receive education. Women receive training in nutrition and food preparation and children receive preparation for primary school.

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