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Cooperation for Development
Agricultural development
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Farmer School of Education and Health (ESCAES)
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300 men|300 women|Fishermen / Mariculturists from Sechura’s coast coves|Total: 300 people
Regional Government of Madrid
Increasing Sechura Bay’s systems of efficient and sustainable production of the hydrobiological resources in terms of equality

This project aims to implement comprehensive strategies that help fishermen/women and mariculturists in the Sechura Bay and their families in order to improve production processes and diversification, and to face the challenges of natural disasters and climate change.

As so, work regarding the economic, social and environmental sustainability will be done.

In this way, due to the introduction culture in suspension and thanks to the affected tools and equipment, the challenge and danger of diving on the seabed at depths not allowed will be canceled. This system will also redirect extractive activity, thus reducing the pressure on natural banks in Sechura Bay, and may increase the productivity of the scallop sustainably and improve its marketplace positioning. In addition, two new cultures are introduced: cabrilla- Peruvian rock sea bass- (Paralabrax humeralis) in ponds and octopus (Octopus mimus) in floating cages.

Regarding fishermen and mariculturists, work will be done on developing their capacities and generating knowledge from a participatory methodology; moreover, the associative system will be strengthened and professional divers will be trained.

Likewise, greater participation and inclusion of women in terms of equality in all local productive and socio-political processes will be promoted, so women will become leaders of social and economic development in their sector.

Finally, an action plan will be implemented and agreements will be arranged with the local government to take corrective measures to protect the environment of Sechura’s coastline.

The project will involve rights holders and association holders (through associations), creating a joint action plan and formalizing such collaborations through agreements.

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