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Education for Development and Awareness Raising
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1.380 people
Provincial Government of Valencia
Climate Justice and Human Rights

This project, carried out in consortium with the Mainel Foundation, aims to contribute to a sustainable development model that guarantees the fulfillment of Human Rights, with the specific objective of strengthening the commitment of the Valencian legal profession, both to active professionals, to the future lawyers (students of Law of the different Valencian universities), in the defense of Human Rights and Climate Justice.

Work will be done to increase the training of the Valencian legal profession in Climate Justice, and facilitate access to information on climate change and economic and productive models that violate Human Rights, especially those of women, as the most vulnerable group.

For this purpose, it is foreseen: the creation of a web portal, which collects interviews, articles, and relevant news related to this topic; the holding of the III Human Rights Congress, which will reflect on the current and foreseeable impacts of climate change, the rights that are affected by this phenomenon, and the most convenient ethical and technical strategies to minimize those impacts and defend rights; and the organization of three exhibitions with the works of the artist Hugo Martínez, related to the objective of the project, in the Bar Association of Valencia, the Caja Castellón Foundation, and the Espai Cultural Obert of the Altabix building of the campus of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche.

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