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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
The Post 2015 Agenda and Spanish Cooperation in the Arab Spring

On 12 and 13 February 2014, CEMOFPSC organized its ninth international seminar at the Pontifical Notre Dame Institute in Jerusalem with the aim of contributing to the consolidation of democratic processes in the Middle East.

To this end, the Arab Spring opportunities and threats were identified for Official Development Assistance in the Middle East in the framework of the ODS and the PDCE 2013-2016 and contributed to the debate on the Post 2015 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Objectives in the framework of Spanish Cooperation in the Middle East.

Good human rights governance practices such as the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the teams responsible for humanitarian response to the Syrian crisis or harmonious collaboration between international donors, local public institutions and civil society.

The seminar was held in five sessions over two days. Monsignor William Shomali, Auxiliary Bishop of Jerusalem, opened the Seminar welcoming the presents. There was also the participation of the Consul General of Spain in Jerusalem, D. Juan José Escobar, who was responsible for the inaugural conference. The five sessions were divided into four round tables composed of four experts and one moderator and one general discussion to finalize.

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