Lineas de Actividad:
Humanitarian Aid
Health, Protection
Estado del Proyecto:
Socio local:
Our Lady of Peace Center
Fecha de Inicio:
Fecha de Finalización:
Regional Government of Madrid
Improvement of the multidisciplinary response in rehabilitation for people with disabilities in northern Jordan

The 6-month project proposes a multidisciplinary protection program for Syrian refugees residing in the Za’atari and Azraq Camps, especially children with spine bifida and / or cerebral palsy, through 1,728 physiotherapy sessions carried out by a team of 5 physiotherapists in the centers that Social Promotion has open in both Camps, and in the capitals of the Governorates of Zarqa, Mafraq, and Balqa. In addition, home visits will be made to those people with inability to move, due to their physical conditions.

These actions will be complemented with 288 sessions of psychosocial support – individually and in groups – for parents, tutors and caregivers of children receiving treatment (265 approx.), As well as with 6 recreational-inclusive activities based on artistic techniques (crafts and painting, mainly), in order to increase the self-esteem of the minors, make them participants in the activities aimed at their own improvement and facilitate their social inclusion through the generalized knowledge of their problems.

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