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Humanitarian Aid
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Asociación para la Cooperación Educativa (ACOE)
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75 families
Provincial Government of Valencia
First aid response for those affected by the Volcán de Fuego

On June 3, 2018, the Volcán de Fuego (Fire volcano) of Guatemala erupted, causing the death of 110 people, although the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (CONRED) estimated in 1,714,373 the number of people who have seen affected by this natural disaster.

The most affected communities are San Miguel Los Lotes Village, Candelaria, La Reinita, El Rodeo Village.

Virtually the entire population has lost their home and belongings and is in a situation of extreme vulnerability. In addition, emergency coverage is ineffective, slow, small-scale and disorganized, according to the victims themselves. In fact, this tragedy has already been called “The eruption of the volcano of the poor.”

In view of this situation, the designed intervention aims to act on the following priorities:

1. Food security: Biweekly delivery of basic food kits to cover the needs of 75 families (approximately 6 members per family). Given the high percentage of children, this kit is focused on a nutritious diet.

Food deliveries will be made monthly at the premises of the San Juan Bautista parish.

Also, the delivery of a kitchen kit for the 75 families is foreseen.

2. Water, sanitation, and hygiene: Delivery of two hygiene kits (monthly), one focused on personal hygiene and another for the home. A water filter (Ecofiltro) will also be delivered which, in addition to protecting against microorganisms, eliminates the possible heavy materials and gases caused by the eruption of the volcano that may have affected the water.

3. Emergency educational continuation (basic level): Delivery to 125 children of a basic kit of school supplies, to rebuild study habits.

The Training Center for the Artisan Woman “Las Gravileas” -as an institution that carries out and promotes the social service- will lead this intervention, in coordination with the Parish of San Juan Bautista de Alotenango. ACOE staff has been able to verify the good organization of this church, under the leadership of the priest Tereso Chocoyo, who coordinates and directs a group of highly committed volunteers, and provides support covering part of the emergency, such as food, and locating the identifying people and families affected, their situation and the needs to be covered.

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