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Cooperation for Development
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Bethlehem University
Palestinian Territories
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Nando Peretti Foundation
Supporting Children with Special Education Needs in Several Schools in the Palestinian Territories

The Palestinian Territories have a high school dropout and may reach 25%. This is caused by the difficult social and political context of the region, generating childhood learning difficulties. To this circumstance it adds the poor preparation of teachers to identify and appropriately address these shortcomings.

Considering these circumstances, the FPSC with extensive experience in the field of education and particularly since 2000 in special educational needs in the Palestinian Territories, launched with the Bethlehem University, and thanks to the funding from the  Nando Peretti Foundation a new project to strengthen the skills of teachers by training them in new teaching methodologies and providing tools to deal adequately  with students with learning difficulties, thus ensuring their stay in the school system.

The project was developed in Bethlehem, East Jerusalem and Hebron North, and included the following activities:

  • 400 hours of training in various schools in the Bethlehem area, East Jerusalem and Hebron North.
  • Development of the “Support Plan” tool by at least 15 teachers support for students with special needs in their schools.
  • Production of “Learning Packages for Special Education” by the teachers involved in the school education.

The ultimate goal was to promote an inclusive education model among Palestinian schools, with appropriate programs to meet the special needs of students who require it.

For over 10 years The Nando Peretti Foundation has been working in different parts of the world supporting programs to promote human rights, defense and education of children, medical research, protection of the cultural and artistic heritages, the conservation of nature and environmental protection.


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