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Volunteering Social Action and Youth
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Institute of Women
Training and awareness “Workshops for Women of the 21st Century”

The “Workshops for Women of the 21st century”, held on 13 April 2013 at the Zurbarán Hall of Residence in Madrid aimed to empower young women through their integration, in the near future and optimally, in the labour market, and through knowledge of the reality they will face in this process.

Those attending were mostly participants in voluntary social activities of the Foundation.

The first session was devoted to the issue of preparedness for working life. It featured Maria Hernandez – Sampelayo, Professor at the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences at the Camilo José Cela University, and Doctor of History.

The second session was devoted to professional experience, and consisted of a roundtable aimed at promoting an open dialogue between professional women from various backgrounds who were able to give first-hand accounts of the difficulties they have faced in their careers, their views on the role of women in professional life and the best way to reconcile professional aspirations with motherhood.

The third session was entitled “Reconciliation begins at home”, and featured a presentation by David Suriol, entrepreneur and partner at Deutecno, and Miguel Janer, journalist, teacher and company coach. Both form part of Life C, a personal communication consultancy dedicated to the integral development of the person in personal communication skills.

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