This year’s theme is volunteers build resilient communities

This celebration coincides with a month full of volunteer activities and social participation of young women associations.

Madrid’s Food Bank Campaign, “Great Food Collection”

This major campaign of solidarity took place in the city of Madrid on November 30th, and December 1st & 2nd.

Major food retail chains collaborated with the campaign facilitating donor sites. In addition, thousands of volunteers participated including 45 Foundation volunteers from the Roca and Peñalara youth organizations in Mi Alcampo (Ramos Carrión, 12 Madrid) y Supercor Express (Begonia, 121 Alcobendas) respectively.

Our volunteers participated with great enthusiasm and dedication in the huge celebration for solidarity promoted by the Food Bank of Madrid.

Thanks to the success of the campaign, the Food Bank of Madrid has successfully increased the amount granted to charities it serves. With this food it will be able to serve more beneficiaries and improve the diet of people in need with high caloric foods such as legumes, pasta, rice, oil- ideal in these colder months.

Generate solutions to the problems of the world through technology

On Thursday, November 15, the Social Promotion Foundation organized a training session for fifteen volunteers from seven youth associations, Talpa, Roca, Peñalén, Anchara, Albufera, Torrelaguna, and Alerce, given by Veronika Galíndez, regional ambassador of Technovation Challenge in Madrid.

Veronika Galíndez explained how to be a Technovation mentor, the mentoring process and the additional resources of the initiative.

This technology activity, aimed at girls and young people between 10 and 18 years old, aims to sensitize young girls to the problems of the world and their communities and to be able to generate their own solutions with the development of an application.

In 2018, nearly 20,000 girls were registered worldwide to participate in Technovation 2018. In Spain, more than 1,500 girls have participated and more than 300 volunteers have been involved as judges or as mentors.

Volunteering in nursing homes

In order to promote the solidary attitude of the girls from 1st and 2nd ESO from the Peñalara Youth Association together with the Aldefuente Promotion College, the One to One volunteer project has been developed in which, through different workshops, young people interact with older people from the Residencia Moscatelares (San Sebastián de los Reyes) and the Sanitas Residential Center (La Moraleja).

Once a month with these art workshops, cognitive stimulation, psycho-motor skills are improved and the socialization of the elderly is encouraged. With the initiative ‘Travel notebook’, young people with the help of the elderly write their memories in a notebook.

Volunteering at the Vallecas UVA

The Youth Association Roca organizes workshops with children in the San Juan de Dios Parish in the UVA of Vallecas.

Young volunteers of 1st of Bachillerato teach English, computer, chess and dance workshops every month to boys and girls in the Parish.