10 October, 2023
Social Promotion Foundation recognizes the urgent need for a peace compromise for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Social Promotion Foundation deeply regrets the escalation of violence that has been taking place between Palestine and Israel since October 7, triggered by the terrorist group Hamas.

At a time when peaceful solutions and constructive dialogue are needed more than ever, the current conflict, and the threat of it reaching Lebanon as well, fills us with sadness and concern, as we recognize the suffering and loss of life, affecting mainly both Palestinian and Israeli civilians.

The Middle East has been our Foundation’s priority area of action since 1992. For more than three decades, we have carried out development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects, with the clear conviction that they are a way and a path to peace. As a result of our deep knowledge of the region, we firmly believe that peace and stability can only be achieved through understanding, mutual commitment and respect for the rights and aspirations of all parties.

At this difficult time, we reaffirm our conviction that dialogue and cooperation and respect for international humanitarian law are fundamental to finding sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the region. We call on all parties to urgently seek a peaceful solution to this conflict, through diplomacy and understanding, to end this escalation of tensions and reach a just and lasting solution.

It is essential to unite in a call for peace and to reaffirm our commitment to move towards a more peaceful and prosperous future.

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