Next CEMO Seminar “Women rights in Palestine in the rural sphere from the perspective of cooperation”
29 May, 2018

The Centre for Middle Eastern Studies of the Social Promotion Foundation (CEMO) organizes the Seminar: “Women’s rights in rural areas in Palestine from the perspective of cooperation”, which will take place on Thursday, June 28, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 pm, at Casa Árabe (C / Alcalá, 62. Madrid). The seminar is funded by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

This Seminar addresses the situation of Palestinian women in rural areas, the challenges they face, as well as the need to promote models of sustainable rural development that are respectful of the environment.

The Seminar incorporates a rights and gender-based approach that promotes the empowerment of women in their communities, the improvement of their socioeconomic status, and their entrepreneurial and institutional capacities through their incorporation into the productive process with equity.

The Seminar will consist of an inaugural table that will allow contextualizing the situation of women in the Middle East and Palestine.

In the first session, three international experts will discuss the main challenges faced by Palestinian women, especially in rural areas.

In the second session, the panel will analyze possible measures that promote the empowerment of women and equal opportunities in rural areas in Palestine.

The seminar will count on the presence*, among others:

Soraida A. Hussein, General Director of Women´s Affairs Technical Committee, PalestineJordi Galbé, Director of Programs for Governance, Gender and Human Rights, OTC Jerusalem; Nadia Harb, General Director at Rural Women´s Development Society (RWDS), Palestine; Basema Shuquir, Project Manager in Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (Palestine) and Lucía Martínez and Lorena Gamito, Coordinators of Humanitarian Action, Emergencies and Development
UNRWA, (Spain).

Provisional Program*

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