Social Promotion Foundation organizes an event within the framework of CSW67 addressing the challenges and opportunities of rural women and girls
17 February, 2023

On Monday, March 6, at 5:00 p.m., the Social Promotion Foundation, through its Women and Equality Observatory “OMEI”, organizes an event within the framework of CSW67 with the title “OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES OF RURAL WOMEN AND GIRLS: THE CASE OF PERU”, which will help to understand their situation and discover good practices that favor gender equality and their empowerment in said environment.

The addressed issue of this event is aligned with the theme that is the subject of review in the framework of CSW67, whose focus is placed on women and girls in rural areas.

We will count with the presence of Delicia Coronado, Director of “Farmer School of Education and Health – ESCAES” (Peru), whom we will address this issue and will have the testimony of some of the rural women who participate in social projects that promote their empowerment.

The Foundation’s CSW67 side event, will be accessible through the ZOOM platform, and you can participate, prior registration at this link:

In addition, the event will be disseminated among the 16 social organizations in Latin America (Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia and Bolivia) and Spain, members of the Network of NGOs for the Development of Iberoamerican Countries (REDI), most of which develop social projects to empower rural women and girls in their countries.

Additionally, UN Women has published within the framework of the CSW67 the written declaration of the Social Promotion Foundation, to which ECOSOC granted special consultative status in 2001 and general in 2004.

Said statement E/CN.6/2023/NGO/82 is aligned with the main theme of CSW67 “Innovation and technological change, education in the digital age to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.”

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