1 April, 2014
The “Cuéntamelo Volunteering Awards” in its first edition took place in the FPSC headquarters last March 6th

The competition was open to associations and residence halls with which the Foundation has signed a cooperation agreement in the framework of the volunteering activity and social action.
The call invited participants to send a report of volunteering activities undertaken during the course and during the summer.

They rewarded associations developing more varied activities reaching beneficiaries with different needs, to those who got more involved, but always taking into account available resources, evaluating the merits of those associations that despite its limitations, being smaller, they showed great courage.

Innovative ideas, creativity of approaches and quality of the reports and the resources provided were assessed.
Mónica Bohigues Cruañes, the Foundation Secretary, presided over the presentation of these awards.

The first prize of 300 euros was granted to the “El Vado Cultural Association” in Vallecas because the variety of its activities, the high participation and the quality presentation of its volunteering.

Some of their proposals are very attractive and original as environmental awareness with its nature classroom, promoting values such as social agents “Personal Branding” and family values “Star Home”.

Accompanying activities, solidarity breakfast, and Study Supportive Olympics were performed during the course. It stands out the activity carried out during the summer, as part of field work and cultural exchange in Estonia, the Pavala Kultuuriskesku Conference centre maintenance, whose activities are mainly focused on women social promotion and training.

The second prize of 200 euros went to the Torrelaguna Cultural Association, because the originality of the account of the activities, the variety of their activities and the high participation in the Study Supportive Olympics with 115 participants during the course.

The following organizations were awarded with a second prize of 100 euros for their social volunteering proposals made during the course or as part of their summer activities:
Albufera Youth Asociation

Zurbarán Student Residence

Traina Youth Asociation
Roca Youth Asociation

And Peñalara Youth Asociation Club

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