The first activities of a project in Jordan that seeks to empower women and promote their autonomy and resilience begin
14 June, 2022

Within the framework of our project  financed by AECID to empower women by promoting their autonomy and resilience in the face of crises such as COVID-19, providing them with resources to get out of poverty and possible situations of violence, the week of May 30 interviews began with the future beneficiaries in Al-Mafraq, at the Princess Basma Community Development Center of our local partner The Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD), having carried out 50 of the 250 planned, which continued the following week also in Irbid, with the assistance of the foundation.

The objective of these interviews of the potential beneficiaries of the project was to carry out an initial screening to select the people with the most suitable profiles.

On the other hand, in May the employment market study was completed, distributed by sector, gender and age, and during this month of June the data obtained will begin to be analyzed to identify the most demanded sectors.

To promote their empowerment and to strengthen their autonomy and resilience, the skills and capacities of young women, both Jordanians and Syrian refugees, with little or no family income and with limited opportunities to prosper, will be strengthened.

Likewise, work will be done with the private sector and chambers of commerce to obtain a product that links employability, decent work and a safe work environment free of violence for women. In addition, through the employability centers, agreements will be established with employers that require labor personnel.

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