11 September, 2017
Humanitarian work in the field of mental health and inclusive educational programs for children with disabilities in Lebanon

The Foundation is one of the Spanish institutions operating in Lebanon with refugees, their families and with a host population in a situation of vulnerability.

An educational project has just begun to guarantee access to education for children and young people with special needs of the most vulnerable communities in Lebanon, to enable them the access on an equal basis and to ensure that they are attended by teachers, in a safe and inclusive environment.

During the execution of the project: 24 public schools in the Bekaa Valley will improve their capacity to accommodate children with functional diversity in their educational programs and 5 public schools will guarantee the accessibility of these children through refurbishing in their facilities.

360 professionals from public schools will receive training and advice from trainers specialized in issues related to functional diversity such as psychomotricity, orthopedics and speech therapy. School workers will be able to distinguish the different types of disability, the learning difficulties they entail and how to proceed in these cases.

Another very important component is the awareness of students and parents to ensure knowledge of the reality that surrounds people with disabilities and the importance of their inclusion in society and through education.

Throughout the project the foundation will provide the psychosocial support of teachers, children and caregivers.

The project will be carried out in coordination with the local partner Arcenciel.

At the same time, the actions of emergency aid to Syrian refugees and the Lebanese host population for the improvement of mental health continue.

A new project, which is being carried out together with Médecins du Monde, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, continues to provide multidisciplinary mental health services and distribution of psychotropic drugs to the Syrian displaced population and the Lebanese host population.

The project provides the opportunity for members of those communities suffering from severe, complex or long-term mental illness to have access to free clinical services and psychotropic medications. It is addressed the issue of mental health stigma and discrimination among relevant communities.

Both projects are funded by Lebanon Humanitarian Fund of OCHA.

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