Secondary and High school students participate in the awareness-raising activities of Social Promotion Foundation in Madrid
19 June, 2019

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The Foundation, in recent weeks, has scheduled more awareness sessions in Madrid aimed at young people between the ages of 14 and 16 about the situation of vulnerable people in risk using the experience and work of the Foundation. The objective of this activity is to contribute to an awakening among young people in a social and solidarity consciousness.

On June 10, José Luis Zatarain, the Social Promotion Foundation Director of Communication and Volunteering, gave a workshop at the Lasalle Maravillas School, within the framework of the “RECORRIDOS por el voluntariado” program.

The program, organized by FEVOCAM (The Social Action & Volunteering Organizations Federation in the Madrid Region, to which Social Promotion belongs), has the aim of showing the effectiveness and value of Volunteering and in order to reflect and debate on how we can contribute to our environment to improve the lives of people in vulnerable situations.

On June 19 it offered a session to students of 4th E.S.O. and first course of High School with a similar approach at the Arenales School in Carabanchel. On this occasion, Social Promotion Foundation participated in the “Choose it, do it!” program, dedicated, on this day, to bring students closer to the reality and work of the NGOs and social organizations.

In addition, on June 4 & 5, the student Esteban Durán, (4º E.S.O.), of the Lasalle Maravillas School in Madrid, was at our headquarters, as part of the Futurus 2019 program, to learn about our work on a day-to-day basis. Later on he could share his experience with the rest of his classmates at school.

In all cases, these young people were shown the harsh reality in which there are still millions of Syrian refugees and our MADAD project in Lebanon where the Foundation offers psychosocial support services in our Mental Health clinic in Zahle in the Bekaa Valley.

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