Awareness session of the Foundation with young people from the EFA Piñeiral at the “Casa de Galicia” in Madrid
8 February, 2023

Young people from 1st and 2nd year of Higher Education in Early Childhood Education, and Marketing, participated in an awareness session that José Luis Zatarain, Communication Director of the Social Promotion Foundation, carried out on the work of the Foundation in the framework of a day of training organized by the EFA Piñeiral of Arzúa in La Coruña at the Casa de Galicia in Madrid.

Together with these young people from the EFA Piñeiral, students from the EFA Valdemilanos of Colmenar Viejo in Madrid participated.

The structure of the session was divided into two parts:

In the first part intervened Irene Díaz Quirós, a young woman from Madrid who had completed her internship studies at the Foundation months before and was very involved in the Education for Development Project “Objective 2030: EFAS for Development”, within the framework of the of the 2018 agreements financed by AECID in Palestine and Ethiopia.

Irene commented on the motivations that led her to contact the Foundation to carry out her internship at an NGO and her experience there, her previous family experience in volunteering and her experience in Italy collaborating in an inclusion center for young people at risk.

She recommended that young people get involved in volunteer activities and highlighted the power it has to transform the people who do it to change the way they look at others.

He referred to very specific aspects related to the SDGs and human rights in these two countries.

In the second part, after distributing a copy of the guide “Objective 2030: EFAS for Development” to each of the attendees, José Luis Zatarain made a presentation on our work in Guatemala in relation to the 2030 Agenda.

Thus, he commented on aspects of the Project that the Foundation, together with its local partner FUDI and with the support of the Regional Government of Valencia, is carrying out with a view to eradicating poverty among the Kaqchiquel indigenous population in Joya Grande (Guatemala) through their social and economic inclusion. Actions are carried out that will mean a more adequate and sustainable diet with effects on the nutritional health of people in vulnerable situations, especially children under 5 years of age and women.

The meeting was eminently participatory and open during its course to questions and comments.

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