From the Social Promotion Foundation, we support the initiative of our volunteer in Delhi (India) Pepa Baños, who ran the Half Marathon in Dehli the 20th of October. For a solidarity purpose, during the whole month until the 20th of November funds will be received, in order to directly help 25 poor families from India, whom as well include young female students from Kamalini. 

Kamalini is an EDI project that was created in 2007 for the literacy and training of young girls.

I invite you to participate with me in the Delhi Solidarity Marathon. The race took place on Oct. 20 and now we have a month to raise funds in order to support 25 families (around 35 euros a month, for food, clothing, water, electricity, transportation, and medicine) .15 girls from those families are studying in Kamalini We need to get scholarships for them and 50 other students from Kamalini: the funds are to cover their studies, material, exams, transportation to the venue, water and electricity and necessities to teach.


Do not hesitate, make your donation -big or small, everything counts! -Click here

On behalf of these Indian families, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! (Pepa Baños)


Pepa Baños is a volunteer of the Social Promotion Foundation, very proactive and supportive and who you will remember if you saw “Madrileños por el Mundo (MxM)” in Dehli.

The Social Promotion Foundation has been supporting Kamalini Vocational Training Center since 2009, which provides support to low-income women in the southern part of Delhi, and promotes quality professional training among vulnerable women between the ages of 15 and 30.