Taking advantage of the assistance of the Senior Director of programs of the Technical Office of Spanish Cooperation to the seminar of launching the Agreement, on October 18 a visit was made to one of the 17 municipalities where the activities of the Agreement have begun to be executed.

In the meeting with the right holders in the community of Gedigebo, their motivation and gratitude could be observed in the face of the activities that the Agreement is beginning to implement in their community. Most of them are dedicated to subsistence agricultural production, before the project they had limited access to productive resources and there were almost no usable water resources available to them. In the Gedigebo community, there are no systems for using water for irrigation. It is an area of Ethiopia especially punished by the effects of climate change such as droughts and torrential rains.

During the field visit we have been able to verify the good evolution of some of the intervention activities through the installation in the beneficiary community of a motor pump well, a nursery for the production of fruit trees and native trees and a plot of orange tree fruit trees , guava and mango whose execution and management will allow right holders to have water by pumping for the irrigation of plots in order to improve their food diet and agricultural production and productivity.