5 September, 2017
Colegio Buenafuente will soon launch its academic program for the formation and training of women of limited resources in Paraguay

In February 2016, the Social Promotion Foundation project “Improving socio-economic situation of the vulnerable women of Paraguay through education and professional training“, funded by OFID, was launched in partnership with the local partner ADEXTRA.

The objective of the project is to build a new training center of reference in Fernando de la Mora, where quality education, oriented to the professional exit, will be offered in one of the most vulnerable areas of the region.

After months of project execution, the works of the Buenafuente College are very advanced, which will allow the academic programming to be implemented soon. The last weeks have begun a series of works that are fundamental for this second stage:

On the one hand, we are already working on the adaptation of the school curriculum and the program of the Baccalaureate in Social Sciences, putting special emphasis on gastronomy and micro and small business management.

In addition, a major outreach campaign has begun in different local media, generating a significant expectation among women in the area. So much so, that in the month of August a series of free courses for women has started.

The first of these courses, ‘Personal Skills’, has included classes such as leadership and skills for access to the labor market. For the months of September and October another two courses are planned, ‘Gastronomy’ and ‘Gastronomy and Investment and Sales Project’. All of these one-month courses, free of charge, provide access to the right to training and capacity-building for women with limited resources, with special attention to indigenous women who have little access to the labor market.