19 March, 2024
The Spanish Ambassador to Lebanon visits the activities of the agreement we are developing in the country

The Spanish Ambassador to Lebanon, Jesús Santos, has visited the activities of the convenio we are developing in the south of this country in collaboration with the NGO AIDA, with our local partner, ADR (Association for the Development of Rural Capacities), and with the financial support of AECID.

Given the complex and unstable situation of economic and social crisis that Lebanon is currently going through, the work we are carrying out through this agreement aims to promote the economic strengthening of the Lebanese and displaced Syrian population, as well as to promote social cohesion, paying special attention to gender and environmental issues.

The ambassador’s visit, accompanied by Cristina Gutiérrez and Francesc Vila, representing AECID, began at the ADR office with a presentation of this association by its general director, Mona Barakat. In addition, Hiba Fawaz, Project Director, and Asharaf al Roz, coordinator of the Microcredit Program, explained to the ambassador the achievements and challenges that have been addressed during the first year of implementation of the agreement. For their part, Delphine Compain, our head of mission in Lebanon, and Laura Marcelli and Ismael Hamud, representing AIDA, explained the role of both NGOs within the framework of the agreement and indicated the next steps to be taken.

The ambassador then visited the nail care training course held at the ADR headquarters. He then went to the Rapid Response Unit of the Union of Municipalities of Tiro, where he met with the mayor of Tiro, Hassan Dbouk, and with the director of the Unit, Mourtada Mouhana, who thanked him for the installation of a solar energy system for this Unit and within the framework of the agreement. He also highlighted the savings generated by the solar panels and explained that, after having trained a group of 30 volunteers, awareness sessions will be held in several schools in the coming weeks.

After visiting this unit, the ambassador visited the Mirna Derbaa store in Hosh and learned about the history of this tobacco retail business, which was launched three years ago and which, thanks to the granting of a new loan under the agreement, will be able to diversify its products and have more stock.

Finally, Santos visited a food production course in Deir Qanoun El Nahr and was able to meet other participants in the agreement who have already developed a detailed idea of the business they want to start.

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