In the south of the Gaza Strip, with 47% of its population unemployed, agriculture and land cultivation, an integral part of Palestinian history, culture and identity, becomes the main source of income for the people of Khan Younis.

However, the lack of fertile land and scarcity of water for irrigation, together with the energy deficit -despite recent improvements in the supply of electricity, Khan Younis has even suffered power cuts of between 18 and 20 hours a day-, remains a major constraint that farmers in Gaza have to face, significantly undermining their livelihoods and leaving many families without access to decent work.

The installation of the solar panels will largely address these problems in Khan Younis, providing its farmers with clean energy for the extraction of the water they need to continue with their crops.

This video includes the testimonies of Khan Younis’ farmers who are rights holders of our agreement funded by AECID, which aims to improving the resilience of vulnerable rural communities in Palestine.

They tell us how they have improved their farms and their day-to-day life with the installation of solar panels and solar energy systems that allow the pumping of water for irrigation in lands and greenhouses.

Our local partner PARC made the video.