8 July, 2024
We join the Latin Patriarchate in its strong condemnation of the attacks on Holy Family School (Gaza)

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem has issued a statement in which it has roundly condemned the attacks launched by the Israeli army against the Holy Family School, yesterday morning, July 7. In this message, it also stresses that “the images and media reports show scenes of civilian casualties and destruction in the compound”, so it insists on its denunciation “in the strongest terms” against the attacks or any other belligerent action that does not ensure that civilians remain outside the scene of combat.

From the Social Promotion Foundation we join with the same resounding condemnation and deeply regret the serious damage being suffered by the civilian population as a result of this war. Thus, we also endorse the expressed wish of the Latin Patriarchate that “the parties reach an agreement that will immediately put an end to the horrible bloodbath and humanitarian catastrophe in the region”.

Reception and shelter without distinction

In the letter, the Latin Patriarchate explains and clarifies that, although this school is its property, “since the beginning of the war it has been a place of refuge for hundreds of civilians”.

This spirit of welcome and harmony has been characteristic of the Holy Family School since its construction, in which our Foundation participated in 2000 and 2001.

Until the outbreak of the war, in October 2023, this educational center welcomed 700 Gazan boys and girls, without making any political or religious distinction. As a result, not only has it become an example of inclusive education, but it has also become a point of encounter and understanding in the region between people of different nationalities, races and religions.

Now, more than ever, it continues to be an example of fraternity and coexistence, hosting, during the most critical point of the war, up to 2,500 people.

SOS: Rebuild Hope in Gaza

Having suffered several attacks on its infrastructure since the beginning of the war, the reconstruction of the Holy Family School is an urgent necessity to continue welcoming all the people fleeing the horrors of the conflict and seeking refuge in this compound, as well as to ensure access to quality education for so many children.

For this reason, from the Social Promotion Foundation we have launched the campaign ‘SOS: Rebuild Hope in Gaza’ with which we continue working to raise funds to undertake this reconstruction as soon as possible.


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