The OMEI Observatory of the Social Promotion Foundation considers inequality of opportunities between women and men as a trigger for violence against women

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The Social Promotion [...]

Support, accompaniment and help in situations of anxiety and depression of the Lebanese and the Syrian refugee population in Bekaa: community support groups

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One of the [...]

The St. Gabriel hospital in Addis Abeba has new medical equipment necessary for the provision of maternal and child health services.

2019-11-13T10:15:09+00:005 November, 2019|

The Social Promotion project funded by the City [...]

An International Congress on Climate Justice organized by Mainel and Social Promotion Foundations was held in Valencia

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The Women and Equality Observatory (OMEI) and 14 social organizations from 7 countries in Latin America promote the entrepreneurship of women in the region

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The foundation starts a program in Ethiopia that fights against famine through sustainable rural development by holding a seminar

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On [...]

The activities of the Agreement begin in the community of Gedigebo: “Rural development to face famine and the effects of climate change”.

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