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Humanitarian Aid
Health, Protection
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Socio local:
Agricultural Development Association (PARC)
Palestinian Territories
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Fecha de Finalización:
At least 1.610 of Nablus' most vulnerable people
Riunione Opere Aiuto Chiese Orientali (ROACO)
Emergency relief to reduce the food security impact of COVID-19 on the most vulnerable Palestinian families

In close collaboration with our local partner, Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC), this project aims to alleviate the suffering of people in situation of poverty and vulnerability, ensuring a rapid response and providing some relief aginst the food shortages and economic setback resulting from the COVID-19 health emergency in Nablus (West Bank).

To this end, two initiatives will be launched to address the most immediate needs:

  • Distribution of food baskets and hygiene kits to the most affected families – particularly those caring for the elderly, people with special needs and/or chronic diseases.
  • Conduct of at least 4 informal awareness sessions in the target communities to prevent the spread of COVID-19. At least 4 meetings will be held with municipalities to share/disseminate information on how to deal with the pandemic. The main source of information will be based on the guidelines, protocols and procedures of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and international actors (e.g. WHO). These key messages on safe practices will adopt simple language adapted to the local context and will be communicated to people in the communities.
    To minimise the risk of exposure and to ensure hygiene and social distancing measures, dissemination will be carried out by Community Protection and Development Committees (CPCs), in constant liaison with local authorities, composed of dedicated and committed community members, trained in line with specific guidance issued by the competent national authorities and international actors (Ministry of Health, WHO, etc.).

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