Line of activity:
Cooperation for Development
Agricultural development
State of Project:
Local Partner:
Farmer School of Education and Health (ESCAES)
Start date:
Finish date:
Overall budget:
180 families
"la Caixa" Foundation
Organized farmers strengthen the social, economic and productive fabric, and their living conditions in the micro watershed Guineamayo (Cajamarca)

The project aims to strengthen the social, economic and productive fabric of farmers from six communities in the micro watershed Guineamayo.

To do this, crops of beans and potatoes will be installed and raising guinea pigs will be promoted under a guidance of production chains, responding to the demand for these products in local and regional markets, and generating, in turn, jobs and sustainable economic growth.

The participation of women and youth to form new leaders of social development in communities will be encouraged, establishing spaces of interaction with public and private actors of the territory.

Also, the social base represented by the organization Rondas Campesinas will be strengthened through CODECOS (Community Development Committees), with a focus on sustainable development and promotion of Human Rights to increase production rates and ensure food safety for families and generating surplus for the market.

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