24 April, 2024
Rebuilding peace and hope in Gaza through education

Social Promotion Foundation has launched the campaign ‘SOS: Rebuild Hope in Gaza’, an initiative aimed at raising funds for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Holy Family School, whose facilities have been severely damaged as a result of shelling, tank ramming and looting since the escalation of violence in Gaza intensified in October 2023.

The Social Promotion Foundation was involved in the construction of this school, which belongs to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, between 2000 and 2001. Until the beginning of the current conflict, this center welcomed 700 Gazan boys and girls without any political or religious distinction. Thus, the school was an example of inclusive education and a meeting point of understanding between people of different nationalities, races and religions in the region.

Consequences of the conflict in educational centers

One of the most flagrant human rights violations that unfortunately occur in conflicts such as this one is the targeting of schools and educational centers. In the case of Gaza, it is estimated that more than 90% of schools are damaged and/or being used as shelters for internally displaced persons.

Specifically, the Holy Family School has suffered severe damage to its top floor, affecting a multipurpose hall and several classrooms. In addition, the solar energy equipment located on the roof of the building has also been seriously damaged, as well as the children’s education building which has received a direct hit, completely destroying one of its parts.

Likewise, the outer walls surrounding and protecting the school have been demolished by Israeli tanks, while several sections of the school building have been hit by shrapnel during the attacks. Another of the dire consequences has been the looting of all furniture and equipment, leaving the school empty and completely devoid of resources.

On the other hand, since the beginning of the war in Gaza, this school has served as a refuge for the various communities living in the area and suffering from the conflict. In fact, at the most critical moments, this school has been able to accommodate up to 2,500 people, many of them belonging to minorities, such as Christians.

Protecting children to ensure peace

For the Social Promotion Foundation, protecting the population, especially children, and guaranteeing their access to education is a powerful tool for rebuilding peace and hope in war-torn territories such as Gaza. Thus, with the launch of the ‘SOS: Rebuild Hope in Gaza’ campaign, it seeks to redouble its efforts and commitment to the most vulnerable minorities and to education as an instrument of change, coexistence and respect in the midst of adversity.

You can contribute to the urgent repair of the damage suffered by the Holy Family School by sending a BIZUM to 01342, or through the website www.promocionsocial.org/donacion-gaza.


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