During the Saturdays of the month of October, several accompaniment and leisure volunteering plans have been carried out in occupational centers of the CAM and in the Nuestra Sra. Del Camino Residence.

Our groups of volunteers who carry out this activity of leisure and accompaniment periodically in the Barajas Occupational Center are integrated by professional young women and men.

The volunteering activity of leisure and accompaniment in occupational centers of the Community of Madrid of the Social Promotion Foundation, is carried out within the framework of the MoU signed with the CAM, together with the Madrilenian Agency of Social Attention (AMAS) and it arose at the request of this one.

For the Agency, this volunteering activity was a priority in the Barajas occupational center, where people with functional diversity reside, due to the fact that it is in a difficult communication location and there is a greater need.

This agreement was forged, from the field, after visits to the centers with those responsible for the agency and with the commitment to meet the most urgent needs received, through a volunteering of accompaniment and weekend leisure with the residents as an and integrator element and of revitalizing.

“We enjoyed a lot, sharing with them this time, we all had a lot of fun. They are lovely people who are very grateful for our company! ” (Sandra, Barajas Occupational Center volunteer, 34 y.o.).

Volunteering in the residence of Nuestra Señora del Camino is carried out by families of the Las Tablas Valverde School in Madrid.