Due to the economic crisis that started back on the 17th of October 2019, and the COVID 19 pandemic that forced the country into lockdown, the lebanese community has been strongly affected.

This situation has led to a rapid increase in unemployment, unpaid salaries and severe inflation.

The Social Sports Schools project that Social Promotion Foundation implements in partnership with Real Madrid Foundation focuses primarily on supporting disadvantaged schools by giving the students the opportunity to play football & basketball based on the methodology and philosophy of the foundation that works on developing the social skills and social values of children through sports.

However, the confinement has made it impossible for children to play together and attend their training sessions.

Therefore, in the framework of the project and because of the unprecedented situation that the world is going through, “The food boxes initiative 2020” was initiated last month in order to come in aid to the underprivileged families of Paradis D´enfants school and Mezyara Public school.

A total of 62 food boxes and medicines were distributed to the affected families of the two schools covering their needs for 2 to 3 months.