23 June, 2022
Students from schools in Madrid reflect on the SDGs based on a project that promotes food security in Guatemala

On June 9, José Luis Zatarain, director of communication of the Social Promotion Foundation moderated two sessions with students of 3rd and 4th grade of the E.S.O. of the Senara School in Madrid.

A total of 50 girls students held an intense debate and transferred their questions and reflections on SDG 1 “End poverty”, SDG 2 “Zero hunger”, SDG 5 “Gender equality”, SDG 16 “Peace, justice and strong institutions” and SDG 17 “Partnerships to achieve the goals”.

Prior to these sessions, the students, together with their teacher Ana Rivera, worked on the didactic sheets available on the website https://promocionsocial.org/ods_guatemala/ with which the students were able to know some aspects of the situation in Guatemala through real cases and data, and investigated key concepts such as “poverty” or “inequality”.

They were also able to know some testimonies of some of the women of the Katchiquel ethnic group who are right holders of the project on “The right to food of the vulnerable rural population in Joya Grande (Guatemala)” financed by the City Council of Madrid.

The students were very concerned about the situation of women, especially with regard to violence and violation of their rights.

They also reflected contrasting the different reality that these women live compared to their own.

Some of the students showed great knowledge of the 2030 Agenda, because they have participated in the “2020 Ideas” initiative within the framework of the Youth MUN Madrid project of the Social Promotion Foundation.

The purpose of these activities is that through the awareness and visibility of the project, the importance of development cooperation and the achievement of the SDGs is promoted.

On 21 and 23 June, two awareness-raising days were organised within the framework of this project, with more than 70 6th grade students from El Prado School in Madrid and more than 80 1st and 2nd year ESO students from Torrevilano School in Vallecas, respectively.

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