The employability of young women in Jordan: a measure to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 in the country
1 September, 2022

The crisis such as COVID-19 has revealed to a greater extent the fragilities and inequalities that exist in many countries, increasing, in many cases, those that already exist, and generating others, especially in developing countries, making it necessary to allocate resources to try to reduce them.

Aware of this, the Social Promotion Foundation works in countries like Jordan with this objective.

Thus, it is currently running a project, together with the local partner Jordan Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) and with funding from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), with the aim of empowering women and favoring their autonomy and resilience. To this end, work is being done to reinforce the skills and abilities for the employability of young people, both Jordanian and Syrian refugee women, with little or no family income and few opportunities to prosper.

Within the project, which began last February, and after the interviews previously carried out to select the women with the most appropriate profiles who will participate in it, two orientation sessions were held on August 23 and 24 with the participation of local volunteers.

In the sessions, made up of two teams of 55 people (8 men and 47 women) of Jordanian and Syrian nationalities, topics related to research, surveys and the review of forms for data collection to assess the market were discussed in Irbid and Al Mafraq provinces.

Both formations are aligned with one of the project’s objectives of involving and promoting the participation of the local community in all the activities that are carried out.

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