4 April, 2022
The Social Promotion Foundation joins Caritas Italy and FOCSIV campaign in Italy, broadcast on radio and television

On April 3, the new Caritas Italy and FOCSIV fundraising campaign “La Pace va oltre” (“Peace goes beyond”) was launched in Italy and will end next December with 21 actions in favour of the new generations in the Middle East region, from Jordan to Iraq, from Lebanon to Syria, including the Holy Land and Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Turkey.

In support of this campaign, donations could be made from 3 to 18 April by sending an SMS to 45582 and on 12 April a TV and radio marathon was held on Tv2000 and Radio INBlu with a view to rebuilding hope in the Middle East through young people, the seeds of the future.

Today more than ever, we are witnessing the human madness of war and it is necessary to give life to peace operations, to knit and stitch wounds, to sustain hope, starting with the young.

The Social Promotion Foundation joins this Campaign of Caritas Italy and FOCSIV, committed for years in the Middle East to support the victims of war, violence and poverty, rebuilding not only homes and schools, but also the social fabric, promoting peaceful coexistence between communities and the inclusion of those who remain on the margins of society.

In the seven countries identified by the Campaign there are some 170 million people, with a large proportion of young people under 35 years of working age. Young people are mostly employed in informal jobs, characterised by low wages and few opportunities.

We support the younger generation in education, work and cooperation projects. We can only overcome the war and its consequences through dialogue and integration. To rebuild hope, together.

Peace goes further. Peace can be achieved by following paths of justice, by building welcoming and inclusive societies, by fighting the inequalities that affect all societies on the planet. It is in this diversity that we find ourselves, where we are most united, where peace is nurtured and consolidated. And this is the deeper meaning of this new Campaign.

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