We celebrate Africa Day
31 May, 2022

The work of Social Promotion Foundation on the African continent aims to promote the dignity of people, sustainable and lasting development, economic and social progress, and the support or protection of human rights.

Some of the challenges facing the continent are climate change, hunger and malnutrition, terrorism, wars and poverty. However, despite the stereotypical and impoverished view of Africa, the continent has a great cultural, linguistic, social and natural wealth.

Social Promotion Foundation carries out several projects in Africa, specifically in Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

The project in Uganda seeks the economic and social transformation of the district of Wakiso through the empowerment of women and girls with education, skills, literacy or awareness of their rights.

In Kenya, the Karibu Sana project facilitates access to education for vulnerable street children.

Finally, in Ethiopia, an agricultural development agreement and project are being developed, working on poverty reduction, ensuring sustainable livelihoods, training in efficient agricultural production techniques, prevention and response to natural disasters or women’s access to productive resources.

Africa Day, celebrated every 25 May, commemorates the creation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), founded in 1963 by 32 African states. A few years later, in 2002, the OAU was renamed the African Union (AU), now comprising 54 states.

Its purpose is to coordinate the integration of the African continent through cooperation, economic, cultural, educational, medical, scientific, technological and defence policies, in order to achieve sustainable development.


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